Who we are

Association for the Development of Student Research in Healthcare Science

(Asociación para el desarrollo de la investigación estudiantil en ciencias de la salud – ADIECS)

ADIECS was created on November, 2008, in San Marcos University Medicine School (San Fernando) and recognized by the Research Chair of San Marcos University in 2009. The asociation is conformed by Medicine students of diferent grades with the goal to promote and perform multi-disciplinary health research.

We believe it is possible to perform high level research in Peru by coordinating properly with specialized institutions in several research fields.

The work lead philosophy in ADIECS is to organize activities for the medicine estudents of San Fernando so the effort and dedication of each of ADIECS members gets to all the students of the school. Because of this, ADIECS has done, does, and will do what it can to prioritize San Fernando students in the activities. That is the reason why our activities will always be free and our doors will always be open for those who whish to be a part of our organization and be compromised to do the great effort the activities and goals of ADIECS demand.

ADIECS takes diffusion and performing of research as an integrated process that includes learning, teaching and researching. Researching means to perform extracurricular activities that help to solve prioritary health problems in our country, in asociation with health professionals.

The road is difficult, however, we believe to have nailed down a good part of our basic goals especified before. We hope this 2012 we can finally fulfil all our basic goals planned, and also, to keep on going with the promotion and performing of research in all San Fernando students.

ADIECS Directors 2012

Chávez Conde, Lizeth Katherin

Ticona Rebagliati, Daniel Iván

ADIECS Founders

Chávez Asmat, Roberto

Maximiliano Nieva, Hugo

Special Thanks

To health professionals for their support in performing activities for ADIECS:

Rojas Morán, Nancy, M.Sc.; Díaz Coahila, Dievo, DVM; Monge Salgado, Eduardo, MD; Del Carpio Toia, Agueda, MD; Galarza Manyari, MD; Chapín Rodriguez, Armando, MD; Jurado Teixeira, Bertha, PharmD; Guerrero Gonzales, Gullerimo Ben PharmD



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