Internal development chair

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Liliana Elizabeth Álvarez Chauca M.S.

Danitza Cárdenas Peralta M.S.

The Internal development chair is a part of ADIECS that takes over the constant training of its members, offering the necessary tools for research projects development, implementation and subsequent publication.


1. To coordinate the training workshops, lectures and/or conferences

2. To coordinate with the other chairs in ADIECS the entry in national or international congress or seminars

3. To coordinate the entry of ADIECS in national or international courses

4. To coordinate any extra activity that lead to training of ADIECS members


The work of Internal development chair during this year has been divided in three stages, in which workshops to be performed in each stage are related with the annual activities and the work of the other ADIECS chairs.

STAGE I: From January 7 to March 10, 2012

Workshops were pointed to organize Research projects. It had workshops every saturday and within each week.

STAGE II: From March 10 to August 3, 2012

Workshops are pointed to execution of the research projects. It counts with workshops every saturday and exceptionally workshops withins each week. It takes notice of the day of Medical pharmacology.

STAGE III: From August 3 to December 20, 2012

Workshops will be pointed to execution and publication of the research projects. It will count with workshops every saturday and exceptional workshops within each week. The work will take notice of the Days of Pathology and Parasitology.



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