Media center chair

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Jury Mikhael Huarcaya Cribillero M.S.

Judith Cahuana Aparco M.S.



– To publicize the Asociation across the more used media.

– To stablish an efficient comunication of the asociation activities

– To let and keep access to institutions with whom relationships have been stablished

– Generate interest and motivation in all the members of the asociation

– To worry about the learning and inclusion of all ADIECS members

The virtual media involves two great webs:

I. WORDPRESS: The web is stablished as the main publishing media of tha asociation, to which access is granted trough mail or wordpress account.

II. SOCIAL NETWORKS: Facebook will be used to spread the announcements published in the main publishing media.


1. The announcements will be performed firstly by the Media Center Directors, however, all ADIECS members have the possibility to make announcements trough the web page.

2. The web will be checked contantly by the Media Center Directors

3. The Media Center Director have the power to eliminate publications in the next cases:

A. Use of offensive speeches or words against any one

B. Announcements that are not related to the asociation or its related institutions.

C. Spread or obscene webs or images

4. The announcements will be:

A. Activities made by the asociation: Critical reanding workshops, practical workshops, personalized teaching, aplication groups, EBM seminars, lectures.

B. Courses of other institutions that are free or paid about research.

C. Publication of papers by ADIECS members in scientific journals.

D. Stablish links to webs that allow to publish research projects and papers by ADIECS members.



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